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The American Concrete Institute Reviews the Metrock SCIP System
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Posted with permission of the American Concrete Institute – Aug. 2009

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Code conforming structural concrete insulated panel system for
residential and commercial walls, floors, and roofs.

Developed in the U.S. for the U.S. Market.

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MetrockSCIP is a "green" building composite, with all of the steel wire components made of recycled steel, the EPS insulating core being able to be made of recycled EPS beads, and fly ash in the plaster skins. The MetrockSCIP is the most affordable, sustainable, energy efficient, "green", code-conforming composite building envelope for structural walls, floors and roofs ever introduced to the market. The MetrockSCIP is resistant to all natural and man-made disasters including fire, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and insects. MetrockSCIP is the most mold-resistant building component on the market.

The MetrockSCIP is a cooperative design effort of Mark David Heath, former shareholder, Chief Technology and Chief Operating Officer of Green Sandwich Technologies of Los Angeles, and Jim Farrell, President of Blastcrete Equipment Co., Anniston , AL. Heath is one of the leading experts on SCIP technology and introduced SCIPS to the American Concrete Institute 549 Committee at its annual meeting in Oct. of 2007. Farrell has been involved with SCIPS since 1990 and his company, Blastcrete, has been a leading supplier of mixing, pumping and spraying equipment for SCIPS since that time. Blastcrete has contracted with Metrock LLC to design and manufacture all of the tools required to locally assemble the panels, erect the panels, and mix, pump, spray and finish the cement plaster onto the panels.

The MetrockSCIP was designed in the US specifically for the US market. It features a patented (pending) screed that is made into the 1” x 1” x 14 gauge wire mesh. The screed serves as a visual depth screed for the nozzleman to field apply the cement plaster to the panel, and a mechanical screed for an unskilled worker to cut the cement plaster flat, straight and square. The utilization of the screed, combined with specific mixing, pumping and spraying equipment designed especially for the MetrockSCIP by Blastcrete, results in a savings of over 60% in labor costs, which lowers the cost per sq. ft. of panel to less than $10.

A portable assembly system is used for the MetrockSCIP, so the panels can be assembled right on the job site if required. Heavy-duty wire trusses are sandwiched in the foam insulating core. The mesh, EPS foam insulating core, and trusses are encapsulated with 1” of field applied cement plaster to form the structural monolithic composite. Panels can be made from 12” up to 48” wide, and up to 18 ft. long. Panel thickness can vary from 4” thick with 2”’ of EPS insulation, up to 12” thick, with 10” of EPS insulation. R-Performances of R- 40 can easily be achieved. It is estimated that insurance and energy cost can be reduced by 60% with the MetrockSCIP when compared to conventional stud-wall buildings.

The MetrockSCIP Package, which includes complete training and certification, is available for license. Composite Building Systems of Arvada, CO., and Envirolast Structures of Greer, SC are the newest licensees of the MetrockSCIP.